One: From learning to a yearning

I am studying Journalism & Media in college when I am introduced to authors Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay, their books become the catalyst for my own journey of self-discovery and love of personal development.  I learn from their teachings that I can trust my own internal compass and the importance of being kind and compassionate to myself along the way. This understanding has made me passionate about empowering people to find their own answers and the importance of one’s self-care.

Two: “Congratulations the job is yours”

I enter the corporate world and start my career in the advertising sector of a busy newspaper.  I work initially in the property area and then move on to the magazine portfolio. I was that person at work who wanted to “create a vision board for the team” and even now I still really enjoy reading the property supplements and magazines.

Three: “It’s a boy”

Marriage and a new baby, this was a big change.  It was a challenge juggling a full-time career and family life.  I will admit trying to find ‘My Own Space’ with a baby that decided 5.30am every morning is a perfect time to start your day wasn’t easy.

Four: Jumping the corporate ship

After 17 years l made the decision to leave the corporate world and spend more time with my son.  It was a leap worth taking as it presented me with an opportunity to reassess what I really wanted to do in life, which led to my training to become a Life Coach.

Five: Change, Direction and Clarity.

Through my own sessions and training to become a Life Coach I learned how to create the time and space I needed to make changes in my life.  It gave me clarity and a direction on what was really important to me.  Having seen the powerful benefits of coaching I wanted to inspire others to find out what is really important to them and help make the changes they need.

Six: Connection, Trust and Beauty

As I explored other areas of self-development, I was introduced to Shamanism which resonated with me deeply.  It showed me how to connect to the magic and beauty of nature and myself. From my sessions with a Shamanic Energy Practitioner, I began to release feelings and reoccurring thought patterns/beliefs which were no longer serving me.  I found parts of me I had lost at certain times in my life and felt lighter, stronger and more whole. Having experienced these powerful skills and techniques led to my training to become a Shamanic Energy Practitioner. 

Seven: Here and now

As I write the latest chapter of my story I am excited to bring together my passion for Life Coaching and Shamanism to empower others to change their lives.  Perhaps as you read through the chapters in my life you would like to close or start a new chapter in yours.  Together we can explore the answers to your questions and release what is no longer working for you. On this journey, you will be offered support, clarity and encouragement as you write the best story you possibly can.

If you would like further details or to make an appointment you can

email leona@myownspace.ie or contact  086 837 1070