What is shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition used by our ancestors which strengthens our connection to nature and to our inner self.  When shamanic energy techniques are applied we can learn to live our life to the fullest in our modern world.  Shamanism invites you to bring back the enchantment, wonder, joy and purpose to your life.

What is a shamanic energy session and how does it work?

The Shamanic Energy Practitioner looks at what is happening in the mind, body and spirit of the person.  All through our bodies, we have a network of energy channels that move from the top of our head down to the bottom of our toes and up again.  There are 7 main energy centers in the body and these are known as chakras.  This energy system is responsible for making us feel vital and healthy on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  By working with the energy in the body through the chakra points we clear any obstacles such as, negative thought patterns or unresolved emotions that are present in your life.  We then realign the energy and its natural flow so you can live life more fully.

How could a shamanic energy session help me?

It can help positively treat a variety of issues, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in your life, including the following:

  • Alleviate fear, stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Release any emotional or physical pain
  • Help you find the fun and excitement in life
  • Find your purpose and follow your passion

What can I expect to take place during a shamanic energy session?

An energy session lasts 90 minutes.  At the beginning, we will discuss what you want to focus on and set your goal for the session.  We will then move to working with the energy in your body through the chakra points and the use of breathing exercises.  You will be invited to follow up with some fun and creative tasks outside of a session, which will complement the healing we have done.

Shamanic Energy Techniques



Energy blockages can manifest in the body due to fear, stress, negative thinking or illness.  By working with the chakra system and yoga breathing exercises we draw out these heavy energies and transfer light into them. This helps bring back the balance and harmony in the body.


Soul retrieval is a powerful technique which helps heal soul loss.  Soul loss occurs when a vital part of our energy field leaves during times of stress or trauma and soul retrieval is having that essential part retrieved and returned to you The reasons for soul loss varies widely from one person to another.  It can be any physical or emotional trauma, such as an accident, surgery, death of a loved one, divorce/separation or illness.  Soul loss can make us feel like we have lost direction or something is missing in our life. During the session, the Shamanic Energy Practitioner will locate, recover and help the client re-integrate the soul part. Many clients feel more connected to themselves and life after the Soul Retrieval.

Shamanic Energy Services

Space Clearing

Clearing and rebalancing a home or business of stagnant energies can be powerful way of freeing up an area so that it is easier and more pleasant to move through and thrive in physically, emotionally, and energetically.  To bring overall balance and harmony to the space we look at three principal energy areas, Geopathic stress, Psychic Stress and Electro-Magnetic stress.  After the clearing you will be offered coaching on how to maximise the new energy balance in your home or business.

One to One sessions

Individual sessions last 90 minutes and are available by appointment in Clonee Village.  Each appointment includes a thorough consultation followed by a description of how the session will progress.  My sessions are about creating a safe space in which we work together to release what you no longer want or need, reflect on where you are now and retrieve the parts of you which you may have lost along the way.

Healing for the Dying

This means holding a sacred and healing space for the dying person so the transition is a dignified, peaceful and gentle experience.  By applying ancient shamanic skills, we can lovingly assist and accompany a dying person on their journey home. I also provide help to loved ones to prepare themselves emotionally and spiritually with the passing.  To be of service to a person on their final journey is a great privilege.

If you would like further details or to make an appointment you can

email or contact 086 837 1070